Marriage, they say, is a sacred and blessed union that should bring joy, not only to the married couples but to the friends and families of the couples as well.

That, however, is not always the case as we have come to know.

Some marriages have indeed wrecked friendships, businesses and musical groups.

In this article, we walk down memory lane and look at some of the most prominent music groups and celebrity friendships that broke up due to the marriage of one member or friend.

P-Square of Nigeria

If you haven’t heard of P-Square then you probably have been in a coma for the last ten years or so, that was how big and famous the music duo, made up of Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye was, not just in Africa but across planet earth.

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At the peak of their career, they collaborated with artistes such as hip-hop mogul, Rick Ross and RnB star, Akon. The two brothers who were also twins gained worldwide recognition and at the time it looked like nothing on this earth could separate the twins.

Right from their entry in 2003, they showed how strong their bond was as twins, always watching out for each other and defending each other against criticism, but somewhere in 2014, all that came crumbling to the grounds, with the two brothers all of a sudden becoming sworn enemies.

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This was just one year after Peter Okoye had gotten married to Lola Omotayo-Okoye. As suspected by many, Peter later came out to explain that their bust up and the consequent split was as a result of Paul Okoye not respecting his wife, and even went ahead to state that the only way the group could be back together was if his twin brother, Paul respects his wife.


Praye became one of the most exciting music groups in the early 2000s after emerging winners of the Nescafe Africa Revelation, Ghana edition in 2004, when the group beat Wutah in the finals.

From there the group never looked up, churning out hits after hits after hits until the unexpected happened when the other two members of the group Eugene and Cartel Big Jay announced to the public that Praye Tintin was no more a member of the group.

That was the beginning of the end of the group as one year or so later the other two remaining members agreed to part ways and go solo.

It will be interesting to note that the destruction of the group began in 2014, just two years after Choirmaster Eugene had gotten married to wife, Beverly Afaglo.

While we cannot authoritatively say that Eugene marriage contributed to the dissolution of the group and break of friendship among the trio, there could be some linkage considering the time frame both events took place. has also gathered that Cartel Big Jay’s relationship with Selly Galley contributed to the collapse of the group. In fact, in 2017, Cartel Big Jay and Praye Tintin patched their differences and came back together again, but without Eugene, who according to the other two members refused to come back after they had approached him.

Later, Praye Tintin blamed Eugene’s decision not to rejoin the group on his wife advice, stating in an interview that Eugene was being influenced by his wife not to rejoin them.

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The current state of music trio 4×4 is not really known by the public. One cannot tell if the group is no more or if 4X4 still exist. Two members Captain Planet and Coded have been releasing singles upon singles for the last couple of years while the once biggest music trio in Ghana remains inactive and in comatose.

The group rose to prominence in the early 2000s and released hits upon hits throughout a decade of success beyond imagination. However, after their last hit in 2014, which was a single titled Dance which featured Davido, the group has remained inactive and almost forgotten, only for Captain Planet to resurface a three years later with singles that bear only his name.

In several interviews, he insisted that he had not gone solo and that the group was still very much alive. Another member, Coded followed in his footsteps and also embarked on a solo project by releasing a couple of singles, most notable among them being ‘e dey pain’.

Eye browses were recently raised when Captain Planet in a recent interview on Citi FM revealed that his wife advised him to stay away from fake friends.

Interestingly, Captain Planet got married to his wife, Uche Ofodile in 2014, the same year the music group began to fade away after a single hit.

Many have openly expressed their belief that the Captain Planet’s recent comment on his wife asking him to stay away from fake friends could be the reason he no longer makes moves with his 4X4 members.

Aki and Pawpaw

In 2002, Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze known simply as Aki and Pawpaw took Africa by storm with their smash hit movie, Aki na Ukwa. The two actors from there always appeared in movies as brothers or friends and in truth that was just how it was in real life. The two actors lived in one house and basically did everything together to a point where people began to think they were actually blood brothers.

Chinedu Ikedieze later got married in 2012 and from there rumours began to circulate that his relationship with ‘brother’ Osita had turned sour. The two also stopped living in one mansion as Chinedu moved out to settle elsewhere with his wife.

The rumours later forced Chinedu to come out and clear the air on his relationship with Osita. According to him, the rumours were untrue and he had only moved out to settle elsewhere because he now had a family of his own and not because he had a problem with Osita.

However, information gathered by indicates that the relationship is not like it used to be back in the days when none was married. It is safe to say that even though marriage has not destroyed the once amazing friendship of the stars, it has definitely changed the nature of their friendship which has affected their acting career heavily.

There you have it, marriage may not always bring people together, there are times when marriage contributes to a breakup of friendships and businesses and there is nowhere this is manifested more than the entertainment industry where music groups, celebrity friendships have all broken down as a result of marriage.