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A mum suddenly collapsed in the street when walking her daughter to school, tragically dying just a day later.

Donna Taylor, who was described as “dedicated to her four children ”, began suffering a pain in the head on the school run last Monday, before she collapsed at the side of the road.

Emergency services scrambled to save the 38-year-old, treating her for an hour at the roadside before rushing her to hospital, YorkshireLive reported.

She was declared clinically brain dead and on Tuesday June, 28, her life support machine was switched off and she passed away.

The Yorkshire mum has left behind her four children; one-year-old Nevaeh; five-year-old Ella; 12-year-old Dakota and 14-year-old Oliver, who are now being looked after by their heartbroken dad.

Donna had also had another son who sadly died when he was only three-years-old.

Her cousin Kealey said Donna was beloved by those who knew her and her death sent shockwaves through the local community.

Kealy said: “She was literally just walking her daughter to school and said she got a pain in her head and she ending up collapsing, an ambulance was rung and they were working on her for about an hour at the side of the road

“It was very unexpected she was just taking her daughter to school, she was talking to my uncle the night before.

“I think everyone was just in shock, how can you go from taking your daughter to school to being gone.”

The mum had no plans for a funeral or around supporting her kids when she died because she was so young.

Kealy said: “They didn’t have much as a family and with her being so young, nothing had been put in place to deal with it, you don’t think of putting together a funeral at 38.”

Donna was devoted to her children, rarely doing anything for herself. The family said she was never without her kids and her world revolved around them.

Kealy said: “You never saw her without her kids, her kids were her whole life, she never did anything for herself.

“As long as the kids were happy and looked after she was happy.”

To help with her passing the family have set up a GoFundMe page, with the money going to cover the funeral and anything left over going to her kids.

The family said the response has been amazing, with almost £2,500 raised already.

“It’s been fantastic the response, she spoke to anyone, everyone knew her, everyone is saying the same thing, she was so welcoming, everyone is just in shock,” Kealy said.

She added: “Thank you so much to everyone, even if it is just a tiny amount, it’s amazing that everyone is coming together to help, especially with the times we are in with money.”