A fuel tanker with registration number GT 6490-Y has burnt beyond repairs after being involved in an accident at Nkawkaw, Hotel Junction.

According to an eyewitness, the accident occurred around 4:30am when the driver failed at an attempt to climb a hill.

The fully loaded tanker entered into a muddy ditch, causing it to spark fire which later engulfed the entire vehicle.

Municipal fire commander for Kwawu West, D03 Kofi Agbortsu, said preliminary investigations indicate the fire was as a result of contact of electricity with the fuel.

Per his deduction, the tanker had connections with some electrical wires which reacted negatively and caused the explosion.

Efforts were made to quench the blaze.

He revealed that the situation was out of hand when they arrived as residents failed to call for emergency precautions, rather, they were scrambling for the car number to stake as lotto.

D03 Kofi cautioned residents to be wary as there was a likelihood the tanker could explode due to the heat.