Kenyan fan jumped unto stage to caress KiDi

‘Gyal Dem Sugar’ star, KiDi, is attracting all the goodies in Kenya as his female fans have expressed love for him.

KiDi, who is on a musical tour in the country to promote his ‘Golden Boy’ album, was honoured to perform for some of his Nairobi fans.

Scenes from his performance posted on social media were of the moment the ladies were all over him, while others chanted the lyrics of his songs.

KiDi got the ladies to scream on top of their voices when he took off his shirt to flaunt his muscular physique.

This led to one of the female fans storming the stage to dance to steal the show.

KiDi, who was focused on his performance, was startled when the fan began caressing his bare chest.

The elated fan began dry humping KiDi who simply stood still and received the strokes in good faith.

Watch the video below: