Controversy is brewing as a video which captured moment songstresses Efya and S3fa sharing a kiss has gone viral.

The two have maintained an undeniable sisterhood bond after S3fa was introduced to Efya while she was still budding in the industry.

They have been captured together in clubs multiple times and have been applauded for preaching unity among female acts, but their latest action has raised eyebrows.

S3fa locking lips with Efya

In the video, which is in circulation, Efya greeted S3fa with a ‘holy kiss’ after they met in a place believed to be a club.

Sefa, who was already in the premise before Efya, could not help but lock lips briefly with her colleague who walked in with a prepared lip, ready for a ‘holy kiss’.

Efya walking to S3fa at the club

Their action has sparked an online debate with majority defending that their ‘holy kiss’ is normal and harmless.

Other perplexed netizens raised moral concerns as they make reference to an interview where S3fa mentioned she is not a fan of kissing.

Watch video below: