Celebrated artiste Black Sherif defied the ‘Boys don’t cry’ stereotype when he bore his emotions in a live interview on Kumasi-based Luv FM.

Blacko, as he is otherwise known, struggled to hold back tears while detailing how he lost his first lover; the motivation for his Oh Paradise banger.

Of the 11 students who died during the 2017 Kumasi Academy disaster; an outbreak of H1N1 influenza and meningitis, Blacko lost two close pals.

He revealed how he was devastated by the loss of his first girlfriend, Clementina Konadu and his bedmate he identified only as Pounds.

It is for this reason he composed the dirge to express his inner emotions in a way people can deeply connect to.

According to him, Oh Paradise is a love letter he sent to the gates of Heaven to remind the late Tina of how dearly he loved her and how he is yet to cope with her absence.

“Music is special and I feel it can enter anywhere so that was a means of sending my message to her. The song was made with the intent of sending love to Heaven and I am glad people can deeply connect to the message. I didn’t want to go into details in the song because I didn’t want to remind people of their loss and pain, but still they can connect to it.”

Blacko revealed for the first time that the song was recorded while he was in a disoriented state in an odd hour of 2:00am.

He further stated that after years of making the decision, he finally wrote the song in 2021, but released it as part of his 2022 album The Villlain I Never Was.

Since its release and airplay, Black Sherif lamented that he has been emotional day in and day out.


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