Kurt Okraku

Ghanaian football legend, Mohammed Polo, has praised the current administration of Ghana Football, led by Kurt Okraku, asserting it as one of the finest he has witnessed.

In an interview with Citi Sports, the 1978 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) champion commended the present football governing body for its significant contributions to the local game, particularly in the realm of women’s football.

Polo, drawing from his experience spanning various football administrations, expressed admiration for Kurt Okraku’s tenure, attributing it to a revival of the sport following what he deemed as a stagnant period under the previous Nyantakyi regime.

Mohammed Polo

“He (Kurt Okraku) has performed admirably, especially considering the immense pressure the GFA faced upon his assumption of office,” Polo remarked.

“In my observation, this ranks among the top GFA administrations due to its positive impact on Ghanaian football, which was in a state of decline.”

Reflecting on past administrations, Polo acknowledged the dedication of players during Nyantakyi’s era but noted a lack of major tournament success.

“Despite the talent, the team of that time couldn’t clinch the AFCON title. The situation deteriorated, but with Kurt Okraku’s leadership, there’s been a concerted effort to reverse the trend, yielding promising results,” he added, highlighting the gradual improvements under Okraku’s stewardship.