Ghanaian socialite and actress, Moesha Buduong, has said the media in Ghana misconstrued her interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour some years back.

In the said interview, Moesha Boduong stated that the only way for a lady like herself to survive in Ghana is to date a man who can take care of her even if he is a married man.

The video then generated a lot of fury among Ghanaians. The Media discussion about the video got everyone talking about Moesha Buduong. She was stereotyped, criticised and lambasted from that period.

Years on, the new Moesha Buduong has clarified what she really said and meant in that interview.

In an interview with Sammy Kay, Moesha explained that she never said that she was dating married men for money.

According to her, what she said during that interview was, she was in a serious relationship with a married man. She indicated she loved him dearly.

She said: “I never sat on TV to say I was dating married men for money. I was in a serious relationship with a married man that I loved and I was talking about the reasons why women date married men and how I loved this married man.”

The actress further continued by saying she spoke about reasons why young ladies date married men.

Yet, the media twisted her words and made her look so bad in the eyes of the public.