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Missing Asante Agona boy finally reunited with family


Frank Akwesi Antwi, a missing child better known as Paa Kwesi, has been successfully reunited with his family.

This reunion follows an extensive report by Adom News that brought attention to his case.

The boy, who is approximately 12 years old and believed to reside in Nsawam-Adoagyiri, Ayidompe, went missing several weeks ago after being brought to Asante Agona by a woman named Sandra Gyasi.

During his time away, Paa Kwesi was discovered by some Good Samaritans who took him to the district police station where he had been staying.

The Adom News report played a crucial role in alerting the community and authorities, leading to the identification of his whereabouts.

Following the news coverage, his family was able to locate him at the Asante Agona Social Welfare and Police station.

His mother, who lives in Ayibontey near Nsawam, arrived this morning and, accompanied by the missing boy’s brother.

They reported to the Nsawam Social Welfare to formalize the reunion and ensure his well-being.

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