The Minority

The Minority in Parliament has expressed utmost disapproval with the new policy that changes the trimester to a semester-based academic calendar and has called for an immediate withdrawal.

The Caucus says it understands the adverse effect of the covid-19 pandemic on the education sector which has brought the loss of almost one academic year.

However, it adds the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service (GES) are professionally getting it wrong in fixing the academic calendar for basic schools in the country.

A statement, signed by the Ranking Member, Peter Nortsu-Kotoe, argued the policy lacks professional touch for a more academic-friendly and healthy one to be considered.

“This academic calendar is an importation which does not suit our Ghanaian educational environment.

“As a Minority, we fully support the teacher unions in whatever democratic means they will take to stop this semester system from being imposed on them,” portions of the statement read.

It further raised concerns over the Deputy Education Minister, Rev John Ntim Fordjour, as the chairman of the committee that proposed the calendar instead of a professional.

“It is interesting to note that a technical committee was set up by the Minister of Education under the Chairmanship of the Deputy Minister instead of the professionals; the Director-General himself or any of his two deputies. This committee was to propose the calendar for the approval of the Minister. This is one reason why the release of dates for the academic calendar was delayed.


“Why should the Ministry of Education take over the responsibility of the Ghana Education Service in the preparation of a common academic calendar? Is the Ministry of Education becoming the policy-making body and the implementer at the same time?” the Minority queried in a statement.

The statement indicated the arrangement by itself has a lot of ramifications for the students, pupils and teachers with respect to the examinations calendar of the West African Examination Council for the year.

Meanwhile, it has called on GES to maintain its professional stance and not allow the Minister of Education to dictate the pace for them.