Men in the Upper East Regional capital, Bolgatanga, have the healthiest sex life in Ghana.

This is according to a research conducted by a team of scientists led by a research professor of Prostate cancer and holistic medicine at the Da Vinci College of Holistic medicine, Cyprus, Dr Raphael Nyakotey Obu.

Men in the Upper East Regional capital have the healthiest sex life because they “have no issues with their prostrate,” the research indicated.

However, the research reveals that despite having the healthiest sex life, men in Bolgatanga are still “passionate to do something extra to improve their sex life.”

Also no man in the region has a prostrate size above 40 grams to be considered for Benign Prostrate hyperplasia, leading to prostate enlargement.

It further revealed that the highest prostate size among 100 men in the region was “38.2 grams.”

It was also found out that; due to lack of prostate in the men; about 90 percent of the adult population between 40 and 65 years, which is the age, considered for prostate conditions had no issues with their urinary health.

Guinea fowl, adequate sunlight, free range cow meat in the ‘Bolgatanga diet,’ the research noted account for the low prostate issues among men.

According to Dr Nyakotey, the presence of selenium found in guinea fowl could have aided in the prevention of prostate cancer.