Abossey Okai mechanic
Abossey Okai mechanic

Ghanaians are generally known to be innovative people and mechanics at Abbosey-Okai are championing this narrative with their ingenuity.

The highly-skilled professionals at the Accra-based auto mechanic site are transforming old cars into new ones.

One of such talented men using his skillset to remodel cars is Osei Nyame.


He transforms old and raggedy-looking cars into luxurious vehicles.

Osei Nyame: Meet the Abbosey-Okai mechanic turning old cars to luxurious rides (Video)

Speaking in an interview with Kofi TV about how he goes about the innovation, he revealed that he purchases new parts for those latest versions of the particular car model being transformed.

He then fixes the new headlights, front grille, front guard, and other parts.

According to him, he makes the changes depending on the interior of the car he’s working on.

He took the host through the process as he transforms a G Wagon into its new version.