File photo: Wedding

A woman, who posted a photo of her wedding ring, online and asked strangers to “do your worst” may have been left regretting it after coming in for some fierce criticisms.

The brave craze sees people sharing snaps of their engagement and wedding rings, asking others to roast them.

One woman, who decided to give it a go herself, appealed for honest opinions on her jewellery – but it was her hands which quickly became the main topic of conversation in the replies, as reported by the Daily Star.

Posting on the ‘That’s It, I’m Ring Shaming’ Facebook group, which has more than 100,000 members ready to brutally judge the rocks, she wrote: “Married three years, do your worst. Eternity ring on the way, want to see what you think of these before I add it.

“Not going to make excuses for anything, roast what you see.”

A photo showed two snuggly-fitting rings, one a simple gold band and the other with three jewels sitting above.

The post received more than 200 comments, but rather than focusing on the rings, many instead voiced their concerns for the wellbeing of her finger.

One said: “GIRL! Size that s***. Your finger is trying to swallow it whole.”

A second added: “Can you even feel your finger?”

Another commented: “Your finger is gonna fall off. That s*** doesn’t fit!”

A fourth replied: “I’m voting resize, too. It looks uncomfortable.”

Unfortunately, it didn’t stop there, as some were also more than happy to rip into the rings as requested.

Her jewellery was branded ‘tacky’, ‘cheap’ and ‘painfully boring’, as some slammed the clash of colours.

One asked: “Why mix white and yellow gold?”

Another joked: “I bet you mix your black and whites together in the wash.”