Manasseh Azure Awuni

Award-winning investigative journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni, has justified why Togolese artisans may continue to dominate in Ghanaian markets despite local competition.

According to him, he has had experiences with both Ghanaian and Togolese artisans but can confidently say the latter is always the best choice.

This, he explained, is because some Ghanaian artisans are not only unreliable but also cheat as well in their line of duty.

Sharing his views as to whether the Ghanaian worker is trustworthy on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem, Mr Awuni indicated the local worker tries to take advantage of every given opportunity to charge high.

Unlike some Ghanaian artisans, Mr Awuni lauded these Togolese also do excellent and faster jobs.

“I personally know a Ghanaian businessman at American House, East Legon who brings in these Togolese, provide accommodation for them and they work for him when he gets any construction contract,” he said.

Against this backdrop, the journalist urged all Ghanaian artisans to up their game as these foreigners may gradually take over the industry.