Ever heard of falling into a hole one builds for another; that is exactly what happened to a yet-to-be-identified Nigerian man who was plotting to harm his friend.

The man was caught red-handed spiking his friend’s drink with a substance believed to be poison at an eatery.

According to an eyewitness who made the narration on social media with video evidence, the suspect spiked his friend’s drink while he was away in the washroom.

Unbeknownst to the suspect, other patrons around observed his actions and confronted him immediately his friend came back.

It is unclear if he denied allegations, but the video captured the moment he was ordered to dish out of his friend’s yellow rice and soft drink.

After eating, the patrons descended on him, causing quite a commotion at the eatery.

In no time, he could be seen convulsing and vomiting, and cried out “I don’t want to die”.

It took the intervention of a security officer to restore calm.

Watch video below: