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A 57-year-old man has shot and killed his younger brother in a hunting tragedy at Sefwi Ampenkrom, a suburb in the Western North Region.

Kwabena Kuffour is said to have accompanied his brother, 54-year-old Kwaku Appiah to hunt for civet, but shot him after mistaking him for a game.

It is said that the brothers had a hot chase for the animal, and each took different direction. Mr Kuffour is said to have sighted an object and aimed at it before realising it was his brother.

Mr Appiah’s scream is said to have attracted his brother who, together with some residents, transported him to the hospital.

The gunshot wound to the chest proved futile and he was pronounced dead at Green Shield Hospital.


His body has been deposited at the Anhwiaso community morgue.

The family of Mr Appiah is inconsolable and described him as the breadwinner of the family.