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A High Court sitting in Oyo State, Nigeria, has sentenced a man to death for killing his boss’ wife in revenge.

The 37-year-old Adeyemi Morenikeji was sentenced on his own guilty plea and a confessional statement.

The court heard that he was fired from a company as a truck driver over a misunderstanding in early 2019.

Feeling dissatisfied with the treatment, he is said to have contacted his boss’ wife under the pretext of helping her find a solution to her marital problems.

After luring the woman to a riverside, he confessed to strangling Mrs Racheal Oyewunmi Anyawale and left her body at the scene.

He drove away with her Pontiac Vibe vehicle after completing his vengeful action against his boss.

Justice Adenike Adeeyo of the High Court of Justice in Oyo State in her ruling said the court had gone through all the proof of evidence as provided by the list of witnesses and the list of exhibits such as the statement of the defendant, Vibe Pontiac car Lag KJA 67 CY and his Itel cell phone.

All the items were found in his possession when he was arrested, leading the police with sufficient evidence to convict him.

Consequently, he was charged with 14 years imprisonment with hard labour for count 11, for robbing late Mrs Ayanwale of her Pontiac car and phones.

This court also sentenced him to death for count 1 of the murder of Mrs Ayanwale.