A Nigerian man, Eluemunor Richard Okasia, exchanged his life for a drowning lady at a beach in Kaliningrad, Russia. 

The unfortunate incident is said to have happened on Saturday, July 17 when he was enjoying a beach date with his newly-wedded wife.

Reports suggest that Mr Okasia, who is a student of a Marine University, noticed one of the revelers struggling to stay afloat.

He is said to have attempted diving in, but his wife begged him not to go into the water. He, however, did.

According to a witness, among the group of four boys who tried to rescue the lady, Mr Okasia was the first to reach her.

They added that he managed to push her out of the strong current and handed her over to the other rescuers.

He is said to be very focused on the lady that he failed to see another deep wave approaching, and he was swept away by the current.

“The others were then able to get the girl to the beach. He himself was then carried deep into the sea by the current. He couldn’t get out. He was above the water for a few minutes and then went under the water,” the witness said.