stab knife

“If not for his excessive love for cat meat and alcohol, I would still be married to him”, said a wife who has packed out of her husband’s home since the last one year.

Ernestina, who solicited the help of Nhyira FM’s Obra to convince her husband on separation, said she can no longer cope with her husband’s weird eating choice.

She narrated how her husband, Efo Jacob, secretly kills their cats for stews, toppled with his alcoholism, a situation she said makes him stink.

According to Ernestina, Jacob did not have such habit when they first tied the knot 13 years ago, thus, she has lost all interest for him sexually and packed out of their home.

Speaking on the claims, Jacob defended that to him cat meat is just as juicy as every other creature and he would not give up his love for it just for his wife.

As punishment, he said Ernestina has starved him sexually for three years, and even when there is the need to have sexual intercourse, he has to self-stimulate first.

He recounted how Ernestina stabbed his forehead one night when he tried seducing her for sexual act. Though he said she apologized for her action, he still believes it had nothing to do with pregnancy hormones like she made it seem.

The matter was reported to traditional leaders who ruled for Jacob to be compensated sexually, but he said that did not happen as well.

Jacob, who described himself as patient and calm, said he was forced to lie that he slipped and fell when inquiries started arising.

Till date, he disclosed that anytime he attempts to get close to his wife, she brushes him off and deliberately wakes the kids. But as the repented womanizer he says he is, he has vowed to uphold his ‘for better for worse’ marital vows.

Ernestina, on the other hand, says for his love for cat meat and alcohol, she cannot continue the marriage journey.

Despite having nothing to do with her husband, she is still fighting for possession of his four-bedroom apartment.