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A broken-hearted young man, identified only as Uncle Bless, has taken to social media to share how his former girlfriend left him to marry another man she told him was like a brother to her.

According to Uncle Bless, he was used as a baboon who has fast become an internet sensation.

A lengthy post that has been spotted on Uncle Bless’ Facebook page details how he rented a room for Rubby, paid for almost everything she needed but was later stabbed in the back.

“You are getting married today wow that’s beautiful ???? everyone will wish you congratulations and I will also wish you some. Is it not the same boy I asked you about when we were dating yet you said he is nothing to you…you quoted ‘he is like a brother’ (brother)”

“You bill[ed] me of sorts of things from Rent, money for business, everything when you attack spiritually who did you bill? Any little money I get you have it in your account, you told me you got job at Aflao so we need to rent , you got that money within few days , you later said your previous place at Sogakofe your bill needed to be renewed I did that with my poverty money, you let everyone know we are not dating,” he posted.