A woman from Mpumalanga has been divorced by her husband on their honeymoon just a few days after their wedding.
The bridegroom dumped the woman after he saw her with no make-up for the first time according to a psychologist who counselled the unidentified woman.
The 40-year-old groom divorced his 35-year-old bride, said the doctor, because the husband believed she did not look as pretty as before the wedding and accused her of deceiving him by using so many cosmetics, including fake eyelashes.
Dr Molapo, consultant psychologist, said that his clinic received a request from the woman to help her overcome her psychological suffering after her divorce
Reports are that the groom took his bride to Richards Bay for their honeymoon where they had a swim but the outing turned tragic when her face became wet and her makeup reportedly washed away.
The groom said he could barely recognise his wife after the make-up was gone.
The bride wore artificial eyelashes and had undergone cosmetic surgeries before the marriage. The couple who had met on Facebook had been engaged for three months


        • That is why you don’t try to hide your original looks. Do you know that the foundation of true love /marriage is trust? so why do you try to look different from yourself and expect a man to spend the rest of his life with a woman who is not trust worthy. As soon as trust is broken, marriage becomes torment so my sister you can do your makeup but not with the intention of impressing someone to marry you. Some men may go ahead to marry you but trust me; in his heart, he can’t trust you again and I guess you know what that means for your marriage.
          please be real wai. the only mistake on the side of the man is meeting a facebook girl and dating her for only three months and then jumping to do a wedding.

      • I agree with you. I wear lots of makeup and I usually wear it everyday. There are occasions where I go out of the house even to work without makeup. My boyfriend has seen me both ways, he loves me with or without makeup.

  1. I think using minimal makeup to enhance certain features such as eyes and lips is perfectly fine. I feel sorry for this poor lady for not wearing waterproof make up before going swimming.
    My advice to all ladies, is let your guy see you with less make up. I just use eye pencil and light lipstick.

    • Eventually he would have seen her without make up so it’s best he did what he did before the relationship got more involved.

    • Even if she had wore waterproof makeup, remember she’s married to him it’s not like they were gonna go their separate ways at the end of the day, he was going to see her sooner or later actually very soon like waking up together in the morning and getting into the shower . Omg how sad!!! God! Have mercy

  2. How handsome is this man?
    He got no EYES to distinguish natural form man-made.
    Anyway Catch them young and….

  3. No. I blame the man. How can u be engaged on social media? That’ll mean u dun really know each other. He never went to her house and caught her without make-up. This is bad.

    • That is where my concern is. How can you see a lady on Facebook and you just engaged her? So is he saying that he never went to her house or something? At least he could have allowed the woman to stay with him for one day and he would have noticed it when she bathed in the morning. They both are not serious

  4. Makeup and cosmetic surgery have nothing to do with how genuine a person is. If I want to wear glitter in my eyelids and bright red lipstick, I will. If I want to get my lips filled or my breasts done, I will. Taking the time to do these things to make myself feel happy or comfortable with myself doesn’t change how real or fake I am. If the man can only love the made up side of me but not the real me then he is not worth my time.

    • Just be yourself, If he likes you for who you really are then more power to the both of you. Yet if you present something totally different, you can’t fault his response either.if what matters is what in the heart, then present your true self, not a lie. Most men would rather have a woman with short or no hair if they think she is pretty, than
      Have a woman with completely fake hair they can’t even touch. She have let him know exactly what she looked like. Now, that being said , he should have never married after three months in the first place. So that on him as well. You shouldn’t marry because of beauty, but there is truly no beauty in deception.

  5. I Sincerely blame man. U don’t just jump into marriage without first finding out even not everything, at least somethings about her.
    My submission is that the girl and the man was desperate…

    • Very serious for people dating online. Maybe next time she will wear water proof make-up. Just because she worn all that make-up doesnt mean her “Heart” was fake, perhaps it was the Doctor who was the fake one. I’m sure he will start dating the old way or inspect his lady before he walk down the the aisle.

  6. Hahahahahaha a divorce wasn’t enuf for a fake person like her he would have sued her for pretending to be wat she ain’t,pay for the money of the wedding and a punishment would be to get the nigga anew bride

  7. Na wa o no kind of stories one can’t find online. How can you divorce based on physical appearance. I am not really surprised by this incredible story bcos the union was built on a very flimsy and Rocky foundation and therefore couldn’t stand the test of time. Meet on facebook or something and were engaged for three very short months, not to talk of seeking the face of God which is of paramount importance.
    And for ladies and makeup I tire sef. Foundations, fake eye colour,lashes,enhanced/ fake boobs and bum, fake hair, fake nails, all manner of colours applied on them, hip enlargement, botox, breast and buttocks enlargement even some of them their birth parents cannot recognize them
    What is remaining if it were possible is for them to fix another head on their necks. Bleaching nko. May God help my fellow women to value themselves and know their real worth.

    • Fake things may enchance me, but It can become stressful trying to make sure everything stay in place or doesn’t come off. No fake nails, hair,eye lashes or anything for me. I am all natural by choice because pleasing me is more important than trying to get some one else approval.

  8. Oh so he only fell in lovw with her looks? Was he THAT stupid that he didnt know she was wearing make up? I’d say good riddance to the dummy!

  9. Make-ups are really deceitful and can easily caused a man to take quick decisions. But the fact of the matter is “What God put together no man can separate it “even make-up cannot separate it. I therefore urge the man to reconsider his decision.

  10. As for me,d man is not ready to settle down cos if he truly wanted to get married,he Wudnt have married her “only”based on looks,mehn it’s obvious he is 40 yrs but he is not mentally matured”a fool at forty is a fool forever”,am nat insulting him but let’s face d fact,its only an immature guy who wud do this.

  11. As for those dt says guys should not marry becos of beauty shld tell girls not to marry bcos money or guy’s fortune also especially those beautiful ones, its only when a lady become used & dumped or if they are not attracted to many guys dt they will now say they don’t mind any guy. As for me o, I believe luv & beauty goes pari- pa-su, not to be exremly beautiful sha bt shld be sectually attractive to me & at least be presentable. Bt I know those posting those comments ar women anyway, they can be bias!

  12. The fact of the matter is, some women need these cosmetics because of life experiences, such as different cancers that takes out their hair, eyebrows,eyelashes, so its not all about not being (100) there are some other reasons for these things so sometimes we as someone who don’t need these cosmetics, need to have a open mind….some people lose hair and it never comes back, hair pieces and wigs is their only way of comfort!! Some do it for comfort some do it for attention. …my fiancée do it for comfort after years of cancer treatment. ….i see her with her make up and without….i love her the same way…..

  13. truly, this woman is absolutely ugly. she was putting on Mask to deceive the guy.
    ugly women like masquerading beauty with cosmetics just to catch a silly man.

  14. He was never worth it to begin with! Even if she really did look as pretty without make-up..He would’ve eventually leave her in the long run because he’d lose interest and not be attracted to her anymore, because he married based on what a person looked on the outside and not inside!

    • Amen.Looks wont sustain love.God looks on the heart,man looks on the outer appearances.All he could have said is i love it when u were make up,ur beautiful either way

  15. All you blaming the woman is pathetic. Makeup doesn’t show a persons true character. So what if she wears a lot of makeup?? If it makes her feel good, then so be it! He obviously has very low self esteem if he’s worried about what she looks like without makeup! How awful for her and mean of him to put her through that! She’s better off without him. Let her find someone who appreciates her for who she is and not what she looks like!!!

  16. What a pity?Both the man and the lady,are all at fault.He marries beauty and see the result and she is not are real person, see the result.Marry for love and try to be yourself please to avoid all this embarrassment

  17. How this even got in the media hands? She cant be an unidentified woman because her picture is posted. Enough foolishness in one setting. It is unkind, cold hearted and inconsiderate. When you use your heart it doesnt hurt the heart of another person 95% of the time.
    So vain and not liking or loving someone for who they are with regards, to personality well the whole package. All of the person just not anything. Make up dont count in no way is it an important factor when it comed to spending the rest of your life. If I was here I ignore his ass and live not see a Physciatrist because he is the one who NEEDS to. Love yourself more it isnt wrong when someone let you down for all the wrong reason/s.

  18. Let me say the guy was in love with facial beauty and not with inner beauty.. If he could have loved the Laddie’s heart nothing like this could have happened. Then ladies learn to be natural don’t trap men with fake beauties

  19. Most of the people commenting don’t even have a profile picture but up. But got the nerve to talk about this woman. If you’re marrying for looks you’re probably marrying for the wrong reason.

  20. Was having a conversation with a Lady two days ago and she said “I like real men,I can’t stand fake men and I looked at her she was wearing fake hair, fake nails, fake eyebrows, fake eyelashes and was wearing a fake face. And I said: it’s cool to be real.and she lavishly beamed a smile at her stupidity.

  21. Make- up, no Make-up who cares, do what you do for you, I wear makeup, dress up, wear my wigs and I am still the same person I am on the days, I wear my natural hair, wear baggy pants and don’t wear makeup. I’m not going to judge their situation. All I can say is it clear they were not meant to be together they have learned a lesson. Everyone I date sees me with and without makeup, some like it some don’t.

    • This is it. Be a girl that can do with or without makeup. I guess the man isn’t upset about the looks but the deception. Mehn see the difference let be sincere to ourselves if you were in the man’s shoes would you just let it pass. She never wore her natural face nor a mild makeup. Wow

  22. Really??? You may fall in love with the way one looks daily but if you marry for that solely well you never loved the person enough to marry in the first place. Looks are not guaranteed a person spirit, their true self, and character will always out last their appearance. If her appearance made that much of a difference he didn’t truly love her to begin with.

  23. If a woman wants to wear make up to make herself feel better I say let them. Don’t try and tell people how to look or what to do with their bodies. If someone is really that shallow and naive to think there was no make up that’s on him. Women keep on keeping on regardless of make up or not love will find you! People get dressed in nice clothes every so often even if they usually dress down. Doesn’t make them fake. People are still real people regardless if they like to wear make up.

  24. I don’t blame him,Like a lot of us women should run to get divorced when a man is terrible in bed or suffers from Erectile dysfunction!No woman should pacify his ego or cheat cause she’s been deceived.I never think it’s funny but men don’t know how being dishonest warrants a divorce right away.No women should be with a phony.In any department..

  25. How is he shallow for having a preference as to what he considers beautiful? A fisherman knows what kinda bait to use to lure and catch a fish… This woman was no different except her net had a hole in it and the fish was able to get away.

  26. Come on yall, this is no worse than a woman marrying a man because he drives a nice car, has a nice wardrobe and takes her to all the fancy places. Then finds out after the fact, boy is finances to the gills, and doesnt have it nearly as nice as he pretended. The truth in a solid relationship is when BOTH people can be honest. But we live in a world of fake boobs, financed cars we cant afford, and pretending we are people we are not to impress people who arent worth it any way. Welcome to the new new world order.

  27. Yes, she deceived him, and played herself. However, he is not very bright!
    Shes a clown n makeup n hes a big dummy.
    Perfect pair for a recipe of disaster.

    • He couldn’t have really loved her,Because if he did seeing her without makeup wouldn’t have mattered. He married her,to make himself look good. JERK!!!

  28. 1. Dude is a loser. You date someone on Facebook and then get mad because she’s not an avatar? That’s like buying fish off the street and getting mad because there’s no FDA seal.
    2. How shallow and insecure do you both have to be to marry somebody for their looks and try to impress somebody with your looks.
    3. Good. They’re too immature to be married. Let 30 years, kids, and maybe a car accident or a stroke happen and then come talk to me.

  29. I feel so sorry for her but I understand why she did it. The darker a person is, the harder it is for them!! They are treated differently by all races!! He never would’ve chosen her in the natural.

  30. I am a woman and I wear makeup, but I use it to enhance my beauty, not fake it. There is a difference. Her makeup was drastic and misleading, and he was naive not to see her in various lights (lol). Now they both are subject to controversial ridicule. Both parties did not do their job at being more honest and being investigative. Plain truth is she is not close to looking the way she does without make up and I don’t care what you guys think or say. I would have been pissed off too. You can go on and on about personality all you want, but on the real, #LooksDoMatter. She clearly was not confident or truthful enough to let him see the real her, cuz she knows her looks were not a plus. LOL

  31. This woman is beautiful even without her make up. I hope she attracts a man who can appreciate her inner and outer beauty!

  32. You marry someone because you love them not for their looks. As years g by people’s looks change. Beauty is only skin deep, it truly is about the person.

  33. Men lie with words by telling women what they want to hear; women lie with makeup by showing men what they want to see. In either case, truth prevails eventually — it’s the only thing that sets both men and women free.

  34. Am I the only person wondering why you would marry someone you met on Facebook after only 3 months?!
    Beyond all of the nonsense about the makeup, they didn’t know enough about each other. PERIOD!

  35. First of all, I tried fake lashes a couple of time. I don’t know how they see! I was blessed with good genes, but in my hey day, I was stuck on cosmetics. As I got older I realized how fake it is. A lot of men want eye candy… Trophy wife. Like someone mentioned, her game wasn’t tight enough..or the coochie wasn’t tight enough. (My Bad) Lol!

  36. Beauty fades people remember that. He married her for the wrong reason. What if she was just as beautiful naturally and had a car accident that disfigured her? Or simply aged badly? The man did her a favor by divorcing her, he would probably cheat on her, remember there’s always someone more beautiful than you but what makes the difference is the person that you are inside. That’s the reason someone should choose you not only based on looks. And i honestly don’t think she looks as bad, it’s just a bad picture, bad lighting and all. And probably fake news.

  37. I can’t believe this. This shallow man needs deliverance. He is after good looks. He should make sure that he doesn’t fall into the arms of a beautiful woman who turns out to be a SEA GODDESS.

  38. Comment: I never knew we have artificial human beings on this earth. Beauty is not all about polishing your face with kinds of stuff but what u portray as a woman of dignity.

  39. the evil of bleaching devils. men and women are adviced against this jezeebel life but innocent men would argue them out. other innocent men fall victims fall prey to such satanic paints but not true christians .
    Away with face painting,artificial fingernails,hairs, bleaching etc

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  41. I don’t think the lady was using the make-up to deceive the guy. Most of us (we ladies) like make-up but not when on weekends when we are doing house chores.
    Why did the guy leave her? because she had deceived her? This means that the man was not observant. The man has deceived himself not the lady. This means that the man married the lady because of appearance. You have seen where appearance has landed you? How can you marry someone only seen on facebook with three months? Me, I will never blame the lady but rather the guy. How could you marry a lady without even knowing her background?
    If you are beautiful, you are beautiful. It doesn’t matter the make-up. The man should have considered so many things not only the appearance.
    Men, you deserve more than this. Advice yourself.

  42. Hmmm!
    Many women are punishing themselves day-in and day-out by the so call “Makeup”.
    I fully support the rejection of her by the man

  43. It’s his fault for falling in love with all that makeup. He didn’t love her enough to love her without it. It’s also her fault for not showing him in all that time. Let’s be honest. She deceived him a bit. To wear it all the time and ONLY take it off once you’re married is cheating. The right person would love her with and without makeup. And honestly, three months is not enough time to know someone. I don’t care who you are. You DO NOT know someone completely in three months. He also should have known a bit better. Makeup like that is not our natural face. It’s no one’s natural face. Yeah, he should love her without it but I kind of understand his anger because of who he obviously is. That doesn’t make it right but it’s who he is. There’s a difference between having preferences and being materialistic/shallow. He’s shallow if ALL he cares about is looks. You can have a preference and find someone beautiful because of it but if that entire relationship is built on looks, then it’s shallow.

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  45. This psychologist is so unprofessional and needs to be sued..how wld u breach confidentiality to this extent…smh!..am ashamed on ur behalf..@’Dr’ Molapo

  46. It’s good to look natural.
    Look natural and beautiful.
    Inner beauty is the best.
    Men should stop looking for outward appearance.

  47. All of these comments BLOW my mind…where the Hell did you all come from?? Blaming her for wearing makeup? He sounds like the shallow IDIOT and your comments about women not wearing makeup or deceiving this poor poor man???? It is just stupid BS and so are you ignorant comments.

  48. The man was so much in hurry to marry her, maybe because of her wealth, that was why he didn’t wait to know who she really was. I blame the man!

  49. Make up is only meant to make what is not complete look complete, so living a fake life profits nothing, ladies, learn from this, your real man will take you for who you are. That’s all

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  52. sometimes i dont understand most women tho is good for a woman to wear a makeup but not to the extent of making your man not see the real beauty of his lady

  53. Be as you are, tell the man the truth. by so doing, you will attract a good and truthful man who will love you just the way you are. If you continue playing tricks on men, you will never meet a true and sincere man to marry you. YOU CAN’T CHEAT NATURE.
    NB. Makeup is not bad Ladies but please be yourself. just do it for outing purposes. Let us know your natural face because we are not marrying looks but sudden change in look may result in absolute disappointment which may in turn, lead to mistrust in marriage.

  54. The moral of the story is not whether or not women should wear makeup, it’s that you should get to know someone inside and out before making the (assumed) lifetime commitment of marriage with them.

  55. Women are never found on social media, he should have known this way before. It’s unfortunate that deception played role all along dating time………she looks much more older than stated age , she can hardly convince anybody. Divorce worked out well. She must have reached menopause 2year before, even sexual desires and sensation is thing of the past. Just more of a log.

  56. The same way women choose men according to the size of their dick is only right he divorced her for deceiving him. I see nothing wrong here.

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