A man is fighting for his life at a local hospital after he was reportedly kidnapped, drugged and raped before being dumped.

The 27-year-old is currently admitted at a Provincial Hospital in Harare following the abuse after being kidnapped by two women and a man at gunpoint.

The police, which confirmed the incident, said the crime happened at a shopping centre, where the man had boarded a taxi.

“The complainant left home at night to pick up his wife who was at her aunt’s place in the same suburb. The complainant went to Mukwena Shopping Centre Bus Stop where he boarded a white Mazda Verisa which had three occupants; two women sitting in front and a male who was at the back seat,” he said.

The vehicle is reported to have gone off course along the way.

“The complainant asked where they were taking him, and the driver told him that she wanted to drop off one of her colleagues. After driving for a short distance, the driver stopped and parked the vehicle at a secluded place along the gravel road towards Dora Business Centre.

“The complainant sensed danger and tried to bolt out of the vehicle, but the man who was sitting next to him at the back grabbed him by the waist,” said a police detective.

The complainant fought spiritedly to flee from the dangerous situation and was only subdued after the woman pulled out a gun.

“She ordered him to calm down before injecting him with an unknown substance on the right thigh. He became unconscious and does not remember what happened thereafter they took turns to pounce on him.

“It is not clear how the complainant got back to Mukwena Business Centre, but he later gained consciousness and narrated his story to a security guard. He pleaded with the guard to call his relative to rush to the shopping centre. His relative came and rushed him to Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital.”

A medical examination revealed that the man had been sexually assaulted. The police have since launched a search for the perpetrators.

The man is yet to regain consciousness again.