The Executive Secretary of the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC), Dr Ishmael Ackah, is entreating the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to fasten the supply of certified meters to clamp down on the illegal sales of unapproved meters.

He asserts that the unavailability of electricity meters influences customers to access unauthorized meters at excessively high costs.

This follows a Joynews investigation uncovering the proliferation of fake meters spread in the country due to illegal sales.

ECG has revealed a revenue loss of GH¢2.8 billion owing to illegal power connections.

The widespread use of counterfeit meters across the country is a consequence of meter shortages.

Dr Ackah is admonishing the expedition of licensed meters for prospective consumers to curtail illegalities.

“When it comes to illegalities, even water sometimes they (perpetrators) connect illegally. The criminal codes frowns on this because it is stealing. But we would also encourage the ECG and Ghana water to make meters available. Because it is one of the challenges that consumers complain of. They should make it possible to connect consumers quickly,” he said. 

Dr. Ackah made these comments at the Commission’s public education, engagement and enforcement of tariffs in Kumasi, under the theme: “PURC Year of Operational Efficiency”.

He revealed that the recent high cost of water tariffs is a result of the effect of illegal mining polluting water bodies and the skyrocketing cost of water treatment and production.

“Ghana water was using alumbut now they have moved to use polymer, but it is four times more expensive than alum. It means the cost of production has gone up. And it will cost four times more to treat water. And this is all because of galamsey. In some areas, we have to treat muddy waters to make it clean for consumers,” Dr. Ackah said.