Dr Clement Apaak

Member of Parliament (MP) for Builsa constituency, Dr. Clement Apaak, has sent a strong signal to the NPP caucus in Parliament, warning them to stay away from the ‘right hand of Mr Speaker’.

The NPP and the NDC caucus in Parliament are wrestling over who becomes the majority as both sides have 137 seats each.

Both are threatening a showdown on Friday’s sitting in Parliament as a meeting to resolve the majority/minority debate yesterday, ended inconclusively.

Dr Apaak took to social media saying:

Folks, be assured that we are ready. If the NPP side decides to forcibly remove us from the right-hand side of Mr. Speaker on Friday, we will be ready. Very ready. Let no one be deluded.

We expect this matter to be resolved by leadership on the basis of law and our standing orders, nothing more nothing less. Talk is cheap, very cheap.

In Solidarity!

Dr. Clement Apaak

M.P for Builsa-South

Meanwhile, the Fomena Independent candidate has officially written to the Speaker indicating that he will align with the NPP.