Rockon-Nelson Dafeamekpor
Rockon-Nelson Dafeamekpor

Member of Parliament (MP) for South Dayi Constituency, Rockson Nelson Dafeamekpor, has reacted to the revelations made by the Majority Caucus on the Speaker’s security attaché.

The Majority in a statement disclosed the number of security personnel the Speaker has and the duty they perform within his office, chamber and his place of residence.

“He has four police officers in his known residence. He has three police officers in his secretariat, and he has five other policemen in and around the Speaker’s office block any day, any time,” the Majority said in a statement.

“Indeed, none of the previous Speakers had half of the Police cover as has been accorded Rt. Hon. Bagbin. It must be emphasised for the record that Rt. Hon. Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin has been served with the largest number of security personnel for his protection that none of the previous Speakers had,” it added.

However, while speaking in an interview, Mr Dafeamekpor reiterated that such a revelation will put the life and security of the House as well as the Speaker at risk.

According to him, the Majority has breached State Protocol for revealing the security details of the Speaker, which has exposed his security strength.

“And it’s a very dangerous thing the Majority caucus has done to the image of the Speaker. And I insist and want to put on record that they have breached state protocol and the security arrangement of the Speaker. They have practically revealed the security strength of the Speaker at any point,” he bemoaned.

“They have told the whole world including criminals about the number of police he has, and if you can prepare go and attack him, this is the number of security he has,” he added.

He again described as disappointing the Majority leader’s stance to defend the action of their side in parliament.

A letter from the Chief of Defence Staff of the Ghana Armed Forces, Major General Andoh, to the Speaker ordered the withdrawal of four military personnel.

According to the statement, the military personnel being called back did not go through the right processes before being attached to the Speaker’s office.

The soldiers; WO1 Jafaru Bunwura, WOII Apugiba Awine David, S/Sgt Agbley Prosper and Sgt. Bonney Prince had been serving the office since January 2021.