Flag bearer of the All People’s Congress (APC), Dr Hassan Ayariga has said that lynching of Major Maxwell Mahama by residents of Denkyira-Obuasi will prevent foreign investors from doing business with Ghana.

He said until security institutions are tasked to perform their duties in order to correspond with international procedures, foreign investors will stop coming to Ghana.

“Our lives are important. Security institutions must work. If there is no security, investors won’t come here. Any investor will ask of security because they read and see what’s happening in the country. We can’t sit and watch people put the law into their hands. President Nana Addo is the boss of security in the country. Others traveling to Dubai for business is because there is 0.04 percent violence and 98.6% security is guaranteed in Dubai…” he explained.

Dr Hassan Ayariga was reacting to the lynching of Major Mahama by some residents of Denkyira-Obuasi in the Upper West Denkyira District of the Central Region.

The Captain was killed on Monday after some residents claimed they mistook him for an armed robber. He had a weapon on him, which incensed the residents, it was reported.

He fell unconscious after he was severely beaten and stoned. He was later set ablaze.

But Dr Hassan Ayariga, believes a nation can only boast of power and strength when the lives and rights of the citizenry are protected and well ensured.

He added that, no foreign investor in his right senses seeing all the news reports circulating on social media will tune their frequency to invest in the country for business.

“A nation can only boast of power and strength when there is good security. Without that, there will be no investor and peace for the people. It is until our rights are protected that we are sure they we are leaving in a democratic world” he said on Accra based Okay FM.

He further urged the government to ensure that the lives of Ghanaians are secured.

“What happened to the captain is not the best. People are lynched for no reason. Instances like this bring about civil war. If the army had not control themselves there would have been civil war. Security means our life should be secured. We can’t do things without the law. I think the president should sit up with laws in the country…”