Controversial boxer Braimah Kamako aka Bukom Banku has indicated that his position as Ghana’s ambassador to Germany would have been secured if the National Democratic Congress had won the 2016 polls.

Bukom Banku who describes ex-President John Mahama as his “father” says he was deprived this luxurious position because the party unfortunately lost power to the ruling NPP in the elections.

“There is no more ambassador again because my father has lost the elections, but if NDC had won, they would’ve given me the post; Ambassador for Germany”, he said.

Quizzed on why he would prefer the ambassadorial position to all other available positions if he had the chance, the undefeated boxer explained his love for the country Germany is what influenced his choice.

Though he dropped out of school at a rather early stage, he maintained that his ability to speak and write basic English would not have been a barrier to his work as an ambassador had he been appointed.

“Me, I like Germany, I speak English grammar, I’ve been to school before, I know reading and writing so if the former President John Mahama had given me the opportunity to go to Germany, I would have worked, if I’m not good with the books, I will use my manpower”, he said.

Touching on other issues, the boxer in a rather controversial posturing indicated that ‘he has been hungry” since the change in government. While declining to explain what exactly he meant by that, Bukom Banku explained that he believes that his problem of hunger will be resolved if John Dramani Mahama returned to rule the nation as President in 2020.

‘I’m hungry though my father (referring to John Mahama) feeds me all the time, im talking figuratively, its not everything I can say plainly, I said I’m hungry in this Ghana, if John Mahama wins in 2020, I will not be hungry again”, he stated.

Listen to Bukom Banku’s full interview here: