Mzbel (L) and Tracy Boakye

Former President John Mahama has reportedly reached out to musician, Mzbel following her row with actress, Tracy Boakye, the former has confirmed in a radio interview.

The 16 Years hitmaker has disclosed that Mr Mahama, a man he described as his ‘Godfather’ called to advise her to ceasefire since her action was affecting the chances of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), a party they both belong to.

John Mahama
Former President John Mahama

“He [Mahama] has advised me. I’ve heeded his counsel and that’s why I’ve decided not to post anything NDC on my page,” she revealed in an interview on Accra-based Peace FM.

Listen to MzBel in the audio below:

The squabble between these celebrities has popularized the term ‘Papano’ an expression the duo used in reference to the man they are fighting over.


Social media users are on a manhunt for the man in the centre of the controversy, a majority of whom are pointing accusing fingers at a popular politician.

Mzbel has said, as part of the interview that Mr Mahama isn’t the only prominent person who has called her over the issue.

“There are some prominent people who admire both of us and are are disappointed that even if there had to be this scuffle, it shouldn’t have been now and that gets me worried,” she said.

After listening to the wise counsel of the former President, Mzbel said she has turned a new leaf.

“After talking to JM, I have resolved that even if I’m to do something, I’ll execute it behind the scenes,”she added.