In what could be likened to a clear case of ‘stab in the back,’ former President John Dramani Mahama has allegedly been ditched by some of his loyalists in the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Some of them, whose identities have not been disclosed yet, were reportedly appointed to hold juicy ministerial positions by Mr. Mahama during his one-term reign as the Ghanaian leader.

Frank Kwaku Appiah aka Appiah Stadium, a staunch supporter of Mr. Mahama, broke the news to his master (Mahama) during a telephone conversation, which was recorded on video after Stadium’s release from police custody last week.

In the 2 minutes, 12 seconds video, Appiah Stadium was seen speaking in Twi, sternly warning Mr. Mahama that he faces a daunting task if he indeed wants to become president candidate again on the ticket of the NDC in 2020.

Mr. Mahama, who seemed bemused about the revelation, was heard asking Appiah Stadium to furnish him with names of the traitors but he (Appiah Stadium) could not do so, citing security reasons.

Video Recording

The video, which had gone viral on social media, was reportedly recorded when Appiah Stadium was arrested last week by the security agents for hurling unprintable words on President Akufo-Addo.

The exact location of the recording is not clear as several people have been giving different narrations. But obviously, the conversation was between Appiah Stadium and Mr. Mahama.

Appiah Stadium’s mobile phone was on loud speaker and so the voice of Mr. Mahama could be heard intermittently, though it was a bit faint. The conversation mainly touched on ‘enemies’ of Mr. Mahama in the NDC.


During the conversation, Appiah Stadium told Mr. Mahama, who was then outside the country, that his (Mahama’s) known supporters, including himself (Appiah Stadium) were being victimized by some former appointees in the NDC government.

According to him, some of the appointed ministers were pulling the strings to get him (Appiah Stadium) jailed by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government after he had insulted the president.

“Old Man, your known supporters in the NDC such as me (Appiah Stadium) are facing a lot of troubles. Most of the people that you trusted and appointed as ministers are now victimizing us because of you,” he hinted.

According to Stadium, those NDC kingpins accused him of being a troublemaker and so they entreated the security agents to get him jailed for his unruly behaviour.

Smoke Peace Pipe

Appiah Stadium, who from his utterances really wishes that Mahama becomes president of Ghana again, then admonished him (Mahama) to start building bridges with people in the country that he (Mahama) has strain relationships with.

“Old Man, I suggest it is time you start looking for people from the political divide, we tagged as your enemies and smoke peace pipe with them, because the people you trusted as your own people in the NDC have ditched you,” he charged.

Appiah Stadium disclosed that people like Hopeson Adoryeh and especially Rev. Owusu Bembah, whom he (Mahama) despises for giving a ‘negative’ revelation about him, “are the ones who came to my rescue in these hard times.”

He said, “Old Man if you have Hopeson Adoryeh’s number please call him, also forget about Rev. Bempah’s revelation about you and build bridges with him; he has shown that indeed he is a leader and genuine man a God.

“These two noble men welcomed me with open arms after I insulted the president and they led me to the house of my mother, Ama Busia, and they all played vital roles to help me regain my freedom.”