Soale Mbemah Amonebafe Borenyi I

Former President John Dramani Mahama has congratulated the newly elected king of Gonjaland, Tulewewura Amonebafe Borenyi I, on his nomination as Yagbonwura.

Tulewewura Amonebafe Borenyi I was announced as the new Yagbonwura by the Kingmakers of Gonjaland on Monday, February 27, 2023.

Former president Mahama, congratulating the new king, wrote on his Facebook page: “Congratulations to Yagbonwura Amonebafe Borenyi I, the new King of Gonjaland. I am proud that the time-tested traditions of Gonjaland, handed to us by the Founder of Gonja, Ndewura Sumaila Jakpa, have once again worked seamlessly and peacefully installed the successor to our late overlord, HRM Yiram, Yagbonwura Sulemana Jakpa Tuntumba Boresa I.”

He also wished the new king long life and success as he takes the skin from Sulemana Tuntunba Boressah Jakpa I who died on 5th February 2023.

“I wish our new King long life and a successful reign that will deliver tangible development to our people.”

Below is his post on Facebook: