gun robbery
File photo: A gun

A 40-year-old farmer has miraculously survived serious gunshot wounds after being shot in the stomach at close range.

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Seidu Salifu is said to have incurred the wrath of a colleague farmer for attempting to kill his pigs for destroying his farm produce.

According to reports, the suspect, Yaw Tieley angered by Mr Salifu’s conduct allegedly shot him in the stomach.

This bizarre incident occurred at Kraboa-Coaltar, a suburb of Suhum in the Eastern region.

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Narrating his ordeal on Adom News, Mr Salifu said the pigs have been tormenting him on his farm for weeks but attempts to get the owner to restrain them proved futile.

The only option, he noted, was to fire gunshots to scare them out of the farm.

But, Mr Salifu said his decision to fire infuriated his neighbour who decided to return the fire.

“When he approached me, I told him not to fire at me because I have not killed any pig but he refused and fired the shot” he added.

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Strangely, Mr Salifu said the bullet penetrated his dress but did not hit his stomach – a situation he described as a miracle.

“I know the bullet will not touch me because I believe in God and he saved me from death,” he said.

Some other people working on their farms, who heard the gunshot, rushed to the scene only to find him still alive.

They pounced on the suspect who attempted to flee the scene and handed him over to the Kraboa-Coaltar Police Command.

Source: Adom News