Popular Kumawood actor, Kojo Nkansah Lil Win, has got fans laughing so hard with a throwback video he shared.

The video is a scene from one of his numerous funny Kumawood movies.

In the said scene, a lady, who happens to be a stranger in that locality, approached Lil Win and requested assistance from him in the English language, saying she was looking for one Mr Sarkodie.

With his difficulty in understanding the English language, Lil Win begged the strange lady to speak Twi.

The woman, initially, would not speak in Twi and this got Lil Win begging her once more when he tried to spell the word Twi for her.

“Ohhh, don’t you understand Twi, I beg you, let’s speak Twi. Yes, Twi, “teweee”, Lil Win begged.

Eventually, the lady agreed to communicate in Twi and the actor thanked God for taking his burden away.

The video has garnered massive reactions from fans with some commenting with laughter emojis.

Watch the video below: