A representative of the owner of a property being used as office of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) group at Ashongman in Accra is shocked at the development.

Dr Asenso Gyambi told Joy News he was unhappy with the answers given him by the agent who gave out the house for rent.

He said on Tuesday at about 7:pm, he received a text message from an undisclosed source that the house was being used for LGBTQ activities.

“When I asked for evidence he sent me pictures of an event that was held in this house so I called the agent and I asked him who rented the house because they have been here for just two months.

“I asked him if he was aware an event of this nature took place here? He said ‘Oh Doc, nothing really it was just a party and fundraiser event we were having and it is all over social media,” he added.

Dr Gyambi said this infuriated him to seek more clarity upon which he told him the truth.

He is ready to refund the money to the group because “they have breached the tenancy agreement.”

Meanwhile, police have closed down the LGBTQI Ghana office after incessant calls on the government.