Eb Forson

In this period where the conversation on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) has taken over the airwaves, Ghanaian influencer, believed to be a member of the community, has finally told his truth.

Ebenezer Forson, mostly recognised for his exaggerated way of speaking and cross-dressing, has for the first time publicly trumpeted that he is not gay.

He made the clarification exclusively on Adom TV‘s weekend entertainment show Ahosepe Xtra with Sister Sandy, while reacting to the many controversies that surround his sexuality.

Mr Forson said his action – which may seem as though he is on the opposing ends of the male trait spectrum – is natural and biological.

Eb Forson

“I’m not gay; this is just how I am, it’s from birth. It’s in the genes,” he remarked.

He, however, added that he has female tendencies which make him love make-up, especially products that are a shade lighter than his actual colour, so it stands out.

Speaking on how society relates to him, the actor and red carpet host disclosed that he is a victim of multiple hate speeches from known and unknown persons.

One of such comments, which affected him gravely, was a direct message he got on social media where the netizen asked him why he did not die before Ebony Reigns.

He described such a statement as “hurtful, cruel and rude” coming from a fellow human.

“…I get a lot of attacks but I ignore…First time it happened, Gloria Sarfo and Efia Odo called to educate me on the industry so I can be strong. They made me know the industry is cold and full of back and forth,” he said.

Outside his perceived nature, the influencer claimed he is an introvert, mostly indoors and trouble-free.

He also added that he has prospects of living a masculine life in the future, and that includes marrying a woman and giving birth.