NDC supporters

Senior lecturer and political scientist at the University to Ghana, Dr Thomas Buabeng, has described the nation’s biggest opposition party as ‘unserious’ for contesting the total number of registered persons put out by the Electoral Commission (EC).

Dr Buabeng, making the assertion on Nnawotwe Yi Saturday morning show on Adom TV, said the NDC’s claim that it is going to audit the EC’s statement of having registered some 16.6 million Ghanaians so far in the registration exercise is not needed. 

He argued that the NDC had agents at all registration centres across the country during the registration exercise and reported to the party the number of persons registered daily, which affords the party, as well as the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to quickly bring to the notice of the EC if there were some inconsistencies in the number of persons registered. 


“So to wait till the end of the registration exercise and say the total number of registered persons quoted by the EC is wrong and that they (NDC) are going to audit the results doesn’t make sense [sic],” he said.

Speaking further, he said both the NDC and NPP must respect the EC and stop downplaying the importance of the electoral body.