Relationship Coach, Rev. Nana Yaa Prempeh has admonished women not to pay attention and condemn the mistakes and weaknesses of their spouses.

She said they should allow their love to lead them to change their husbands into better people rather than pointing out and complaining about their mistakes.

Speaking in a conversation, Mrs. Prempeh explained that everybody is prone to making errors. Therefore, each partner is required to put into practice the vows exchanged during their marriage ceremony.

“You have decided among your numerous boyfriends, including Kwadwo, Kwabena, Yaw, Kofi, and Kwame that you will marry Kwaku. All of these guys are available, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. So, you’ve considered Kwaku’s strengths and weaknesses, among other options, and have decided to spend the rest of your life with him.

“The moment you do that, you must close your mental and physical eyes to all the things that those other guys will do to entice you, and you must also close your eyes to the mistakes of Kwaku because you have made a decision. So the love that you have put before you must lead you to make him a better person,” she explained on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning show.

Additionally, the relationship coach highlighted that one should make an effort to infuse alternative ways to communicate with their partners to understand and amend their behaviours instead of giving up and judging.

Even if the man’s mistakes are spotted, Mrs. Prempeh advises that the woman should let go and treat him special, trusting that he will realise it one day and retaliate.

Discussing how to deal with a selfish spouse, the expert said most husbands’ selfishness emanates from their family background.

“The selfishness may come because you grew up with millions, but he grew up with no shoes. So, now that he’s married to a woman who is buying a lot of things for him, he goes to his closet and is surprised at the number of shoes he owns. So now when he’s going out, all he does is use one hour to polish his shoes because he hasn’t seen any before.”

As a result, it will take a long time for the person to get used to and settle into such luxurious living and may not be willing to share due to their upbringing.

She said exiting the marriage based on the person’s character or lifestyle should be the last decision to take.

Pastor Daniel Boateng-Kusi of Christ Cosmopolitan Incorporated, who also spoke on the topic, noted that selfishness is derived from fear and insecurity.

According to him, most people are afraid of what they may lack after giving to others. This makes them scared to share with people, including their spouses.

“One thing that drives selfishness is fear: fear of tomorrow, fear of it not being enough, fear of what if.”

Pastor Daniel Boateng-Kusi, Christ Cosmopolitan Incorporated

However, the antidote to fear is love, and showing your partner perfect love is the only solution to help them overcome that fear so they can change their selfish actions, according to Pastor Daniel.

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