Lawyer Twum-Barimah, Private Legal Practitioner and Member of NDC Communications Team

Former Police officer and legal practitioner, Twum Barimah has recalled how he single-handedly transported an individual with serious mental challenges from an area in Tema to the Pantang hospital as a young officer.

According to him, the patient was very wild and resistant but he managed to bring him to Pantang for medical attention.

Drawing from his experience as a former police officer, Twum Barimah expressed skepticism about the circumstances surrounding the escape of a Chinese prisoner from a hospital.

He asserts that based on proper protocol and his own past experiences, such an escape should not have been possible.

“With my experience as a former police officer, you don’t take someone to the hospital like that. I have taken someone with mental illness to Pantang from Tema community 7 as a police officer. He was very wild, no one could enter his room, and I was the only one who could handle him,” he said.

“It wasn’t easy but I did, so how did the Chinese man escape? The prisoner must be in handcuffs and if he is being admitted, he is handcuffed to his bed. There is also supposed to be an armed guard close to the convict. It is negligence on the guard’s part. Authorities should investigate this matter,” he added.

A prison inmate, said to be a Chinese national escaped while receiving treatment at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra.

He was serving a one-year jail term at the Nsawam Prison and had reportedly feigned sickness to the extent that he needed to be taken to the hospital outside the prison walls.

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