A recent video of the once vibrant musician, Okomfo Kwadee, has left Ghanaians saddened and concerned as it reveals the stark reality of his current situation.

Once celebrated for his talent and charisma, Okomfo Kwadee now appears disheveled and destitute, a far cry from his former self.

In the video which has been circulating on social media, Okomfo Kwadee is seen entertaining fans on the streets, somewhere in northern Ghana.

While his voice and mannerisms remain unchanged, his physical appearance and overall demeanour raise serious questions about his well-being and mental health.

The once-respected musician now appears to be struggling, left to roam the streets with no apparent support or assistance.

For many Ghanaians who grew up listening to Okomfo Kwadee’s music and admiring his talent, seeing him in such a state is deeply distressing.

Watch video below: