It has been revealed that rapper RedEye of Ghanaian hiplife group 2Toff has won his battle with an undisclosed mental health illness he has suffered for years.

Just four months after he was admitted to the The Chosen Rehab Center after he was found roaming the streets in shambles, RedEye’s sanity has been restored.

The update was contained in a Facebook post by veteran music producer, Da’Hammer who championed the mental health course of the musician.

Da’Hammer responded to calls by well-meaning fans who raised alarm of RedEye’s condition and brought the issue to the attention of industry stakeholders.

However, with little to no help coming in, Da’Hammer took the situation on his shoulders and has been providing both financial and moral support since then.

It is with grave excitement that the veteran music producer announced RedEye has finally been discharged and he is being tutored to take back his musical profession.

Da’Hammer shared a video of RedEye looking dapper while doing magic in the studio.

The video captured how he arrived at the rehab centre looking unkempt and skinny, rather different from how he looks currently; plump and full of life.

Ghanaians have expressed shock at the transformation as they appreciate Da’Hammer for exhibiting the essence of brotherliness.

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