Isaac Darko, senior brother of Bishop Bernard Nyarko
Isaac Darko, senior brother of Bishop Bernard Nyarko

Following the demise of his brother, Mr Isaac Darko, the senior brother of fallen actor Bishop Bernard Nyarko, has opened up about industry players consulting deities (Juju).

In an interview, Mr Darko said actors and actresses who visit fetish priests for protection and movie roles should be very careful.

Talking about the death of his brother, Mr Darko said he is aware many industry players visit shrines among others to empower themselves due to the nature of their job.

According to him, whatever they will be promised by the ‘gods’ will not yield anything profitable than death.

“The devil is powerful and you can even tell he doesn’t respect anyone. If you are a movie actor or actress, you have to be careful.


“I know what about 90 per cent of them do. I know they go for protection and others but it will never work. Satan cannot do anything for you because he has requirements and going beyond that means death.

“You have to sink yourself in the Lord to protect you. It is also important to fast and pray because if your family witches sell you out, it will be difficult to skip death.

“Especially, if you are a celeb, everyone is watching you so you have to pray more. I’m starting my fasting and prayers because we are not dealing with physical things, it’s a spiritual warfare.

“I have learnt a lot and everything that happened was like a movie in my eyes. I saw what my brother went through… he was only 49 years years old,” he noted.