A 45-year-old man has been beaten to death by a group of land guards over bread knife at Awutu Boson-Abena in the Central Region

Christopher Avedzi, who was attending to his mother’s provision shop, is said to have had a confrontation with one of the land guards for using their bread knife for wrong purposes.

According to information, the leader of the group, Kweku Agyatey, snatched the bread knife to remove filth from his palm.

In an interview with Adom News, Cecila Avedzi, sister of the deceased, said he confronted the leader of the group, reminding him that COVID-19 is still lurking around.

The statement is said to have infuriated suspect Agatey who stormed out and returned with two of his colleagues wielding guns and cutlasses.

They are said to have ordered Christopher to kneel and apologise for the statement, and when he refused, they beat him to stupor and hit his head multiple times against a tree.

Upon noticing blood oozing from his nose and mouth, the perpetrators are said to have fled the scene.

Christopher died in the hospital to suspected internal bleeding.

He is survived by a wife, Georgina Armah and eight children.