A woman, who used to work at a massage parlor, has opened up on the trials she passed through while working at the place.

In an interview, the lady talked about the challenges most women go through while trying to make a living and how they are coerced to succumb to such ordeals.

According to the victim identified as Emily Njeri, she slept with a man under her boss’ watch, and later got pregnant.

According to her poverty forced her to take up the job as a masseuse but little did she know that they are sexual implications of the job.

While attending to one male client, she said things got aggressive and before she knew, the man was having sex with her in the presence of her boss.

Despite not being comfortable with the act, she said all her colleagues behaved as though it was a normal occurrence, for which none of them came to her rescue.

In her words:

I was broke and I decided to find a job at a Spa. I didn’t know that my colleagues were sleeping with men. One day I went to massage a man who slept with me under my boss’ watch.

These are some of the things that these women don’t tell you. Long story short, he got me pregnant. I was shocked but my colleagues behaved as if it’s nothing.

Njeri further urged women to not let their daughters work in spas and other jobs that require physical touch, claiming that they go through a lot in the job.