Lady Jay has been busy the past few months. She has been working on her new EP ‘Anywhere 2 Dey’ and found a new partner.

Kwabena Kwabena and Lady Jay first met 10 years ago and have been following each other’s music careers from a distance.

When Lady Jay started working on her new EP, an opportunity arose when she met Kwabena Kwabena after not seeing each other for years.

They started working on a remix of one of her most popular tracks titled ‘Odo Nana’ which is his favourite track of her last EP ‘Anywhere you dey.’

During the process, they both entered a world of love and passion and created a musical masterpiece. Check out the song video of them working on the new remix of ‘Odo Nana.’

After working with one another, Lady Jay fell in love with Kwabena Kwabena’s process of music and connected to his passion of lyrics.

They are currently in the talks to perform together with a new creative aspect that no one has seen before. ‘Odo Nana’ was originally featured on a Guinness national advertising campaign and HBO’s TV show ‘I May Destroy You.’

Since then it has gotten a lot of international attention, and now with the addition of Ghana’s favourite love ambassador, Kwabena Kwabena, the song feels complete and is definitely going to be one of the biggest love songs of the year.

Lady Jay is currently living between Accra and Rome and is planning to release new singles and videos in the next few months with Wahala Entertainment.

After the release of ‘Odo Nana’ ft. Kwabena Kwabena, she will release ‘Clarity’ on March 11 followed by her new EP ‘Anywhere 2 Dey’ on April 22.

The EP also features Yaa Pono and Ama Nova and is said to be one of her best works to date.