L-R: Mensa Otabil, Manasseh Azure, Kwame A Plus and Dag Heward-Mills

Musician-turned-politician Kwame A Plus has taken a swipe at freelance journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni.

The ‘jab’ is over the latter’s investigative works against the founder and leader of the Lighthouse Church in Ghana, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills.

According to A Plus, Manasseh is a hypocrite for investigating Bishop Heward-Mills against some of his ex-pastors who have sued him in court but refused to talk about his own pastor, Mensa Otabil when his issues with Capital Bank popped up years ago.

Nobody can bring you down!!! If Manasseh Azuri wants to bring someone down it shouldn’t be Dag or Zoomlion. It must rather be his pastor whose understanding of running a bank is where money is coming from and where it is going.

Thus, when money came from The Bank of Ghana to rescue a collapsing bank, it went straight into their pockets.


Your pastor must be in jail by now! You can’t talk about your pastor who has caused financial loss to the state but you can serialise an internal issue. #Hypocrisy🙄Leave Dag alone!

In another post, A Plus said:

Capital Bank where Pastor Mensah Otabil, the man who prefers watching animal to Ghanaian media was the board chairman was also ranked the best bank in Ghana.

One year later the so-called best bank collapsed!! It was later reported that he and his executives at the bank had caused the state to lose 610 million Ghana Cedis physical cash which was given to them by the Bank of Ghana. Forget about rankings! He wrote.