Kwaku Manu
Kwaku Manu

Actor Kwaku Manu has entered into the bad books of Funny Face’ family over some photos and videos he circulated during visits to the latter at the hospital.

The Ofaakor Circuit Court committed Funny Face to the Accra Psychiatric Hospital for two weeks to receive treatment for depression, following an altercation with a bartender and subsequently the Kasoa Police which led to his arrest.

Ghanaians were left in wonder as nothing was heard of the comic actor within the period, leaving Mr Manu with no option that to ‘storm’ the hospital in an attempt to update Funny Face’s fans.

Mr Manu, together with Funny Face’s baby mama, Vanessa, and their three children visited him first, and Adebayor, producers and other well-wishers followed suit.

But, Funny Face’s family is not excited about Mr Manu’s move, especially making the visit public by posting photos and videos on his monetised social media platforms.

They challenged Mr Manu, who claims all he did was out of love for his colleague, insisting he deliberately took advantage of the situation for money-making.


Elder sister of Funny Face, Lydia, stated she was disappointed in Mr Manu for being praised for rekindling the love between Funny Face and his baby mama, whereas they convinced Vanessa to bury the hatchet.

“Do you love him more than us? Stop acting like you have him at heart than the family. You do not know how he even landed in the hospital. When you visited did you give a penny for upkeep, so why should you be feeding off the situation?” A charged Lydia blurted out in the studio of Accra-based Peace FM.

That notwithstanding, the family is asking Mr Manu to pull down Funny Face’s videos from his YouTube page else they will report to YouTube.

The family has also instructed security to deny Mr Manu access to Funny Face.