Former KMA boss

Former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) is among residents in the Ashanti Region affected by recent floods.

This follows two hours of rain which affected parts of the city.

The Ashanti Regional capital, Kumasi, has experienced two successive nights of heavy rains.

Property running into thousands of cedis has been destroyed by floods at the newly-built Kejetia Market.

The distraught former Mayor accused city authorities of failing to take action against persons building in waterways.

Mr Sarpong said he has lodged countless complaints at the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly but no action has been taken.

“I have approached them on several occasions; apart from that, I have officially reported this to the Metropolitan Assembly. A due action must be taken,” he lamented.

The former KMA boss revealed that the perennial flooding is due to people building on waterways.

“We realise that people have actually built on the banks of the river that was the reason why it overflowed its banks,” he added.

Mr Sarpong indicated that after he led a demolition of the illegal structures built on waterways, the people re-built it at their blindside.

“We arranged excavators and bulldozers, we went there and demolished almost every building around that place but now just go there and see,” he said.