Kuami Eugene at Daybreak Hitz
Kuami Eugene

Musicians Kuami Eugene and King Promise have warned their lookalikes to desist from performing under the brand names.

Social media has been flooded with videos of the respective lookalikes performing hit songs of the artistes, and even sharing a stage at events.

The recent video is of Kuami Eugene and King Promise’s lookalikes performing in the streets of Accra during an activation exercise.

In reaction, the original artistes have finally voiced out their displeasure following series of advice from industry stakeholders to bring their lookalikes to order.

While admitting that imitation is the highest form of flattery, Kuami Eugene, however, registered his displeasure.

He believes the impersonation is diluting his good music, and the fact that his lookalike charges for performances just makes him cringe.

“It’s just beautiful to have almost every young boy growing up wanting to be like you. People want to sound like me, dress like me but the only problem is when people start going in for money and impersonate me. When someone goes out there to make money off your hard work or sweat, that’s when it’s illegal,” he stated in an interview on YFM .

Speaking on same topic, artiste King Promise shared in Kuami Eugene’s sentiments, warning his lookalikes to watch out.

He indicated that he was initially unconcerned when his lookalikes started sprouting and attaining fame, but he is uncomfortable with the monetary values placed on them.

He described as funny those who engage impersonators in deals to perform at their events.