Kofi Capito

The Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of the Consumer Protection Agency, Kofi Kapito, says the government does not regard the safety and well-being of citizens, hence the several malfunctioning streetlights in Accra.

This comes on the back of recent reports of multiple non-functioning streetlights dotted across major streets of the capital.

Parts of the La Beach Road to the Teshie District Police Headquarters have been engulfed in darkness due to the ongoing road expansion projects. Danquah Circle, Awudome Cemetery, Old Abossey Okai central mosque to the Kaneshie First Light are all streets that lack illumination.

Speaking on Citi TV Mr Kapito urged Ghanaians to speak up against the menace as government officials do not feel the burden.

“These people we call honourable go around in convoys or motorcades so you and I have to make sure that no vehicle veers into our direction due to the lack of visibility. They do not care because we do not cry or shout out enough. In any other jurisdiction apart from these other African countries, these people would be held accountable. Even lawyers are afraid to go to court and sue somebody who knocked down somebody because there was no visibility.”

Meanwhile, Kofi Kapito also called for the scrapping of some agencies in the country which he claims are not serving their purpose. One such agency is the National Road Safety Authority, which he says has been reduced to performing ceremonial functions.