Kissi Agyebeng

Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng, says he was shocked to report to work after August 5, 2021, only to discover that the office was neither set up nor operationalised.

He told Accra-based Starr FM that he is now setting up the office and working at the same time.

“What we are doing now is that we are building the ship as we are sailing. The office was established in 2018. The act was passed in 2017 and the assent was given 2018. So imagine my shock when I go in after 5th August to find out that the office has been established but it hasn’t been set up and it hadn’t been operationalised. So I’m setting it up and operationalising it. I won’t say nothing has been done; things had been done but the office hadn’t been set up.

“The act provided for the establishment of some divisions and if the board was minded to create further divisions but when I took up, there are no structures, no division, department and all. Nothing had been set up. Nothing even a front desk. Not a single division, no HR, there was nothing when I took up that job,” he said.

He, however, revealed he interns to recruit as many 250 staff once his board is established.

“There is only one person on the payroll, I won’t disclose who. So you have Chief Accountant who is on secondment, and one investigator who is on secondment from the Police. You have a lawyer who’s on secondment from the Attorney General’s office and that’s that.


“The rest then will be gatemen, cleaners, stewards, an office secretary, a special assistant to the office. In all, I counted 10 first day.

“Second day, one resigned because I asked him some questions he couldn’t provide answers to it…So within 24 hours nine, but nine it’s only one on payroll. What are you gonna do?”