Key suspect in Kasoa military officer killing
Key suspect in Kasoa military officer killing

The main suspect involved in the killing of a military officer at Kasoa has been charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

The suspect, Ben Lord, who claims to be a chief, was arrested after allegedly shooting the military officer, resulting in his immediate death at the Millennium City Police Station. Ben Lord was initially arraigned on May 3 and has since been on remand.

Following the completion of the investigation, the police forwarded the case docket to the Attorney General for review.

Several weeks later, the Attorney General provided advice on the matter and instructed the police to charge Ben Lord with murder and conspiracy.

Additionally, the second suspect in the case, Nana Amoh Kwakye, who was arrested later in connection with the incident, has also been charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

The case has been adjourned to June 20.


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